Thank you for visiting my website. As a former Prince George City Councillor and Director of the Regional District, as well as member of the Omineca Action Committee, I am currently back into consulting and teaching. At the City of Prince George I also served on the Internal Governance Committee, the Core review committee, as well as the chair of the Standing Committee of Education.

Please read the “news” section of this website to find more current stories. You can read below for more of my bio.

Who am I?

I was born in Bremen, Germany and grew up on a farm on the outskirts of the city.  After graduating from high school I learned the trade of “Mechanic for Agricultural and Forestry Equipment” and worked for a time as a licensed mechanic.  Later I studied Mechanical Engineering, first in Cologne and then at the Technical University of Aachen.  After graduation with a Masters Degree I accepted a 6-year employment contract as Assistant Professor with a Research Institute at the Technical University of Aachen and received my PhD in 1981.  Thereafter I was manager of “Reliability and Applications” with a large corpoartion in Duesseldorf.

In March 1985 I fulfilled my dream and immigrated with my wife and our two children to Canada.

During an earlier visit we had decided that Canada would offer us and especially our children the future we envisioned.  After a year of employment with a company in Vancouver I started my own Consulting Engineering Company, Tribotec International Ltd.  While this company grew rapidly I founded two other corporations, “A & A Tools Inc”. and “The Maintenance Technology & Training Institute of Canada Inc”.  We sold the latter two companies after sufficient market penetration.

Multi Bit ScrewdriverDuring our time in Vancouver I registered several patents, including a Multiple Bit Screw Driver and a Saw Guide patent for sawmills.  I volunteered as board member of large organizations and taught Reliability Engineering Management as Adjunct Professor at UBC.

The expansion of the Consulting Engineering Company required the establishment of a branch office in Prince George.  To start up this office I moved in 1996 with my family to Prince George, but travelled weekly to Vancouver to fulfill my teaching contract with UBC and to maintain contact with my head office and our customers.
Later I assisted with the establishment of the Environmental Engineering Program at UNBC, the university in Prince George, and also taught as Adjunct Professor when the program was in operation.

Beginning of 2004, I sold part of our Consulting Engineering business and invested in real estate in Prince George.  At that time I was elected as a board member to various organizations in the Prince George community, including the Chamber of Commerce and became the president of the Chamber in 2008.

In 2010, I founded the “Northern Technology & Engineering Society of BC” and subsequently became its President (  Thanks to the society’s lobbying activities the Prince George Postsecondary institutions are starting up with new technology and engineering programs with a student intake scheduled for September 2019. 

My journey from the small village in Northern Europe to Prince George in Central BC has been most interesting, challenging, enriching and also very rewarding.

Over the years I have served on the following boards since immigrating to Canada in 1985:

2020 to    MCC Legacy Trust Director
2011 to 2018   Councillor of the City of Prince George
2014 to 2018   Director, Regional District Fraser Fort George
2012 to 2014   Board Member of the “Spirit of the North Health Care Foundation”
2011 to 2017   Board Member of OBAC (Omineca Beetle Action Coalition)
2010 to 2018   Past President and founder of the Northern Technology & Engineering Society of BC
2010 to 2014   Board member of Community Futures, Fraser Fort George
2010 to 2012   Member of the Barkerville Heritage Trust Advisory Committee
2010 to 2011   President of the Yellowhead Rotary Club of Prince George
2009 to 2012   Board member of the Prince George Symphony
2009 to 2010   Member of the UNBC Engineering Advisory Council
2009 to 2010   Member of the CNC Engineering Steering Committee
2008 to 2010   Board Member and member of the Executive of Resources North Association
2008 to 2010   Chair of ATEEC (Applied Technical and Engineering Education Consortium)
2008 to 2009   President of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce
2007 to 2008   Vice President of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce
2006 to 2010   Director of the Yellowhead Rotary Club of Prince George
2005 to 2013   Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany
2002 to 2007   Member of the UBC and UNBC Board of Studies
2002 to 2003   Chair of the Prince George Chapter of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
1999, 2001 & 2003   Director of the Prince George Chapter of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
1991 to 1992   Chair of the Society of Tribologists, Vancouver Chapter
1991 to 1992   Vice President of the German Canadian Congress, Canada
1990 to 1991   President of the German Canadian Congress, British Columbia
1988 to 2003   Board member of the German Cultural Center Foundation, Vancouver, BC
1985 to 1990   Director of the German Canadian Congress, British Columbia

During this time and earlier I have received the following honors and awards:

2019   Prince George Business Person of the Year
2010   Community Leader Award by Resources North Association: Award for dedication and excellent Service to the Association
2009   Immigrant Multicultural Services Society: Community Service Award for outstanding service to the community
APEEG, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists: Community Service Award, Recognizing outstanding service to the betterment of the Prince George Community
2004   Rotary Clubs of Canada: Service Award for Professional Excellence
1995   Federal Business Development Bank: Business Excellence Award
1992   Federal Business Development Bank: Business Excellence Award
1991   Federal Business Development Bank: Business Excellence Award
1992   Society of Tribologists, Vancouver Chapter: Outstanding Service Award for Service as Chapter Chair
1991   National Research Council of Canada: Award in Recognition and Appreciation of Distinguished Service
1982   Technical University of Aachen: Borcher’s Plaque (highest recognition in its class) for “Outstanding Achievements in Research”