Conservative No, Experienced Yes

Posted on Nov 8, 2011 in Election

I overheard a conversation last week that someone said, “Albert Koehler is conservative.” And I guess, with a more mature look than most of the other candidates, this can be what first impressions look like.

However, as a candidate running, I knew I had to write an article that addressed this.

As an inventor of a number of patents, also an entrepreneur that has built (from the ground up) and sold my businesses, I can assure you that conservative is not what led me to where I am today.

As any entrepreneur would be able to tell you, being creative and thinking outside of the box is actually the life line that keeps you in business.

And as a student of education (and life), I believe when you are constantly learning, it is hard to stay stuck in your thoughts and your ways.

Even my willingness to jump into Twitter has humbled me once again. But, reaching not just my generation is important to me. I want to make sure I listen to people from all areas of Prince George in the ways they are used to communicating levitra 10mg tablets.

What I do bring to the table is experience and a proven track record as an action taker in business and what I believe needs to get done. So hopefully on Nov 19th, you will look at my experience and select Albert Koehler for City Council.