Final Days – Thank You Prince George

Posted on Nov 17, 2011 in Election

City Councillor Albert KoehlerAs the campaign comes to an end, I wish all the candidates the best of luck. I also encourage everyone to exercise your right to vote.

If you are still undecided, have concerns that have not been answered or just want to know a little bit more, please feel free to contact me. You can do so via Twitter @AlbertKoehlerPG , Facebook, email Akoehler [at] , or calling my office.

Please go to the polls on Saturday November 19th, 2011 and vote for Albert KOEHLER

I’d like to thank the following people for their support and endorsing my candidacy for Prince George City Council.

The following individuals endorse Albert Koehler’s candidacy
for Prince George City Council:

Grant Williams Rolf van Driesum Bruce Sutherland
Dave Scouten Ray Kandola Dr. Ron Chapman
Colin Kinsley Bree Caologhens Darrell Hubbell
Dr. Bert Kelly Janine North Diane Hubbell
Ken Goss George Weinand LaDonna Fehr
Ted Perry Kayla Horning Mel Fehr
Sonja Redden George Willows Dr. Ken Otter
Bob Redden Charles Scott Dr. Chris Johnson
John DeGrace John Row Dr. Jane Young
Judy Simms Neil Van Caeseele Dr. Annie Booth
George Kozmenski Bill Powcia Joe Myatovic
Jim Swanson Chuck Walls Teresa Myatovic
Phil Ramage Tracey Green Jim Blake
Wallis Vincent Alex Wal Rob Bryce
Dr. Bob Tait David Yarmish Dr. Mike Rutherford
Dr. Peter Jackson Dr. Ron Thring Dr. Art Fredeen
Christine Jackson Dr. Steve Helle Dr. Jianbing Li
Dr. Jueyi Sui Roy Rea Fred Nelson
Kim Lodge Tony Roughton Dylan Few
Dr. Ronald Dabbs Bill Zwiers David Lea
Costina Keresztesi Joe Van Calsteren Kim Callander
Dr. David Dahlstrom Matthew Beckett Kalyn Kirkpatrick
Elizabeth Dahlstrom Anna Katalinic Roger Masse
Gilbert Rahier Don Redden Felicia Callander
Leo Schwand Anthony Vanderplaats Karen Huebert
Tom White Stephen Hrycivk Tim Huebert
Clarence Wigmore Barb Humphreys Jacquie Clarke
Dawn Wigmore Alan Humphreys Helma Sander
Beth Hillhouse Ari Astorino Horst Sander
Carol Chanter Pam Fritsma Shauna Harper
Patrick Clark Garry Nielson Anne Allgaier
Chuck Chui Ron Kelly Regina Schulz
Susan Chin Johanna Jenkins R. McGuinness
Lea Ann Kueng Stan Schellenberg Gord Townsend
Paul Charron Kenny Trusty Romana Pasca
Florent Foucher Walter Thielman Sorin Pasca
Wayne Dobson Tony Ciolfitto Carolyn Feldinger
Myrna Cable Tony Cable Beth Bressette
Kathy Ciolfitto Dave Jenkins Arlene Dyer
P. Madaisky Don Trudeau Petra Haus
Paul McCaughan John Friesen Karl-Heinz Haus
Svend Serup Nora Newton Irma Evenson
Ken Newton B. Bennock Glenda Sullivan
Pat McKenna Rod Croome Linda Hunter
Mike Gurnett Robert Baerg David Tsok
Bill Rogers Anita Santos Geri Beaugie
Gary Jardine Lina Nastolin Dick Beaugie
Alison Townrow Adam Croome Vera Campbell
Jean Bonner