Late adopter for Twitter! But better late than never…

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 in Election, Technology, Twitter

As someone that has built businesses with conversations and handshakes, I must say that all of this social media technology is new to me. At first I really didn’t understand how relationships are actually formed online.

However after I announced my candidacy on Oct 5, I began to take my campaign slogan to heart… “Looking Forward”.

I was already “looking forward” in the actions I was taking to improve Prince George’s economy (click here to read about and ).

But in order to get my message across to more people, I realized that social media could not be ignored. I needed to be “Looking Forward”. I have always been “plugged in” through my volunteer work on the Chamber, the Symphony, and Rotary, as well as Community Futures. But being “plugged in” nowadays means being on social media as well.

Although it is not the preferred communication for my generation, it is for many of the young voters and businesses in Prince George.

So, as a person that has always needed to think innovative as an inventor and creatively as an entrepreneur, I decided to sign up for my Twitter account and also put up a Facebook page as well.

I invite you to join me on both. And if you can, be kind my fellow “Tweeps” (I was told that is what people on Twitter are called). I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.